Gaia Day on the Beach

It’s Summer. Time for a Trip to the Beach!

Last month, teamGAIA spent a well-deserved day celebrating the work we’ve accomplished so far this year. Just blocks away from our office, we made our way to the beach in Playa del Rey. We played volleyball, soaked up some sun, and took advantage of the uncharacteristically warm ocean waves. We feel that taking time out to reflect on our collective efforts and to enjoy one another’s company is imperative to maintaining the corporate culture that Gaia has worked so hard to cultivate. With a splash of ocean spray in our hair and a glint of adventure in our eyes, we returned to the office with a renewed vision for the future of our company. Never underestimate the restorative power of play—it encourages creative problem solving in our approach the projects we manage.


“We’ve found that team members often get their best ideas when they’re out of the office with time to breathe and have fun,” says Rent the Runway founder Jenn Hyman.


This Mashable article gives even more reasons why it’s important to change things up every now and then. Read about it here: