Lunch n’ Learns Keep #teamGAIA Engaged

In the past month #teamGAIA has been fortunate to have two very informative Lunch n’ Learn sessions. We had product demonstrations from John Stein of Kirei and Mike Militello from CODA Energy.


We learned about Kirei’s gorgeous Kirei Board made from the leftovers from sorghum production. We also learned about their unique and stylish Kirei Coco which is made from coconut shells and makes a lovely wall covering. He also introduced us to some potential game-changing dry wall alternatives, made from recycled juice boxes—that often hard to recycle waste product.


Our other Lunch n’ Learn switched gears to the energy side of things. We learned about the benefits of energy storage systems for the purposes of peak energy shaving and for emergency back-up. CODA Energy has these scalable batteries (with inverters) that can help bring down your peak demand rates and help the utilities out by demanding that less energy stations be required during your peak usage. They’ve also got some pretty great financing deals for Californians too…definitely worthwhile to investigate for your next project.