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Gaia is a mission driven organization. For our team of LEED accredited professionals and professional engineers, working in sustainability isn't just a day job. For us, environmental consciousness is a way of life, a moral imperative and economically responsible. Our mission is to balance human effect on the planet and we work to advance this not only in our daily project work, but in the policies that govern our own operation and how we live our lives outside of the office. We ride our bikes to work and carpool. We eat locally grown, organic food. We work by natural light.

We back up this commitment with the professional skills necessary to achieve long term success for our clients and for future generations. Our client-centric approach to every project enables our clients to become more successful on their own terms. We will share our ideas, listen to yours and are keen to what your drivers are—be it operational cost savings, employee retention, market visibility, or environmental protection. We believe in the power of a common goal, succeeding with team work, and building lasting relationships.

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