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Gaia Development's Principal, Ryan McEvoy, has been working with non-profit organizations for over 10 years. In 2009 he helped found Collective Solutions (CS) to address two pressing issues facing the global community: poverty and climate change. CS's philosophy draws from the ethics of permaculture and the simple belief that by working together we can effect positive change.

CS is Confronting Poverty - Today there are 3 billion people living in poverty, many having no access to electricity, clean water, or toilets. In the absence of these basic living standards, many communities are wholly consumed with the effort it takes to survive. Through a variety of educational programs Collective Solutions aims to aid such communities in improving daily living conditions while providing valuable vocational training.

CS is Confronting Climate Change - Large-scale consumption of non-renewable resources has led us to a point where we must reconsider our choices for the future. Collective Solutions addresses both social and environmental components of global climate change by promoting the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy and sustainable living systems.

Gaia donates a percentage of its annual revenue to Collective Solutions.