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Gaia can research, identify and submit the appropriate forms and paperwork to utilities, city, state and/or federal rebate and incentive programs to help ease the cost of your building project (when applicable). In some cases, your rebates can be enough to completely offset our LEED and Commissioning services.

* Federal Tax Deductions: EPAct and other Federal programs allow developers to take advantage of tax deductions and accelerated depreciation for energy efficiency and solar. We determine your qualification status, compile energy modeling if required, process documents and file your claim. Under EPAct you have the potential to earn a $1.60 per square foot.

* Local Utility Energy Incentives: Utility companies are offering rewards for energy efficient projects in most areas (for example, Southern California Edison Savings by Design program). Gaia works with the local utility service to provide the incentive paperwork. San Diego, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Francisco, and many other cities have incentives for sustainable projects.

* In case of an audit by the IRS, Gaia will work with the client to revise or substantiate documentation, as necessary to satisfy the audit requests. If the deduction is not awarded, Gaia will refund the fee in its entirety.